Caribana Festival 2012

Here is a little of the voodoo magic which was seen at the Caribana Festival Parade in Toronto this past weekend.

  • 8-eye MaskCaribana Festival
  • Mask in BlueCaribana Festival Toronto
  • Mask behind ShadeCaribana Festival Toronto
  • Witch MaskCaribana Festival Toronto
  • FeathersCaribana Festival Toronto
  • Mask in ScreamCaribana Festival Toronto
  • Rumpled FeathersCaribana Festival Toronto
8-eye Mask1 Mask in Blue2 Mask behind Shade3 Witch Mask4 Feathers5 Mask in Scream6 Rumpled Feathers7
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Once again the colors and craft were very fine. We examine some of the best of the floats.Did they inspire the Caribbean Olympic athletes and gold medalists from Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, the Bahamas plus Trinidad and Tobago. Only the Olympian gods know.

Here are some of the othercatch your eyes sights:

  • Caribana FloatsPhoenix Orange
  • Parade EndLooking up at the crossway
  • Jewelled CraftSparkling
  • Indian BowSurprsing Look
  • Trinidad+Tobago Colors
  • Caribana Beauty
  • HeaddressingsOne can hear the drumming
  • Caribean Color Shafts
  • From IndiaLike a vault in India or Egypt
  • Silky Bloom
  • Carib ButterflyReady to flicker, fly away
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