Blizzard III: 3rd Time is the Snow Charm

Our previous post on Blizzard II for February, described the frustration of a start and stop blizzard with plenty of wind gusts that nearly frustrated all attempts at photography as the wind kept blowing the snow off the tree branches and the overcast, dark cloudy skies reduced good photo-taking light to a minimum. Nonetheless, even glancing out the window
did not prepare us for the Winter Wonder Snow Show that came with Blizzard III in February.
[iframe src=”” width=”90%” height=”640″] The surprise of Blizzard III was that it occurred overnight and in relative wind calm. So at 6:30AM in the morning there was enough light to see that all the countryside was bedecked in a powder snow coating. There were no winds and the snow had virtually stopped. By 7:30AM there was enough light to take some good shots at 1200ISO with a Nikon D5100. So a bit sleepy but excited photo taker emerged in Warkworth ON to do his mischief.

Outdoors was completely snow bedecked. No wind to strip the tree branches of their snow glitz – all amidst a cool but not biting chill in which everything was utterly quiet.  The only sound was the occasional jet craft lost in the clouds overhead. Oh yes, also  pistol-like cracks of trees limbs, bowed by their snow burden, snapping under the weight.

Play of Light along the Forest Road

As the morning wore on the daylight waxed and waned with the clouds overhead, causing  an interesting light play in the woods and the forest covered roads. A slight freezing rain started and that was followed by the Show Stopper – winds that brought the  snow showering down removing most of the snow glazing charms of the early morning. Fortunately, we have the proof in our slideshow above of Nature Putting on the Glitz. See the full-screen show here as proof that Blizzard III was the picture taking charm.