Houston International Quilt Show

Two fellow travellers of the Northumberland Hills, Carole and Greg, sent pictures of the Quilts on exhibit at the Houston International Quilt Show at the end of October.. Now this is of interest to quilters in the area first for the fact that two Canadians, Christine Alexiou of Markham Ontario and Elaine Quehl of Ottawa Ontario, were among the top 10 prize winners at the show – see the slideshow below for details. But also area quilters have taken part in the Houston International many times including creating Blocks for the Breast Cancer Survivors Quilts made in previous years.

[iframe src=”https://picsofcanada.com/splash/refinehq.html” width=”100%” height=”620″]

hshow2The Houston Show had 60,000 attendees in 4 days -and why not? Quilting is popular world-wide. Just among the the winners there were quilters from Australia, Canada, England, Japan, Romania, Switzerland as well as the United States One of the attractions is the range of fabrics and hues that can be worked with. But also the scale as many of the quilts as seen in the photos are 4-8 feet square in dimensions – super-poster size. Finally there is a repetition and rhythm in their design that is soothing to the soul in the making that many quilters attest to.

Hopefully the full set of Carole and Greg’s favorite quilts from the 2013 Houston International Quilt Show will help convey the creative artistry that was to be seen aplenty at the show.

[iframe src=”https://picsofcanada.com/splash/pagingq.html” width=”100%” height=”620″]

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