1st Fall Colors

Summer in Eastern Ontario was scarce. To be true, there were some warm days but many more rainy and chill. With a surplus of rain, this Fall-color-ologist is anticipating a very hue-filled Fall with rain to bring out the hues. Okay this Autumnal prophesy is based on 1 part Hope and 1 part  recent Easter Ontario Fall weather and color patterns. Make that  an ample dash of hope.

But the early signs are positive:
As can be seen, the sumac are again leading the color parade; but the hillside wildflowers are adding their own distinctive strokes of color. And the ash and a few maples are adding a dash of early colors. Here is a color sampler around 565 Red Cloud School Road.

  • Sumac show first colors
  • Hillside color melody
  • An orange streak
  • The ash tips its Fall yellow
  • Ditto for the silver maple
  • Suggestions of color in Salt Creek Valley
  • Even the maples show flecks of Fall
  • Sumac dance gaudy hues before the birch
  • The bushes blush
  • Sweet pea
  • Green & ochre palette
  • Maple turning early
  • A fall twist
Maybe the colors will be very fine indeed. The early maple showings are quite good.
So how come do I feel like Charlie Brown in the Fall trying to kick the Color Football held by Nature’s Lucy?