A Winter’s Day Antiques

Just behind the apartments off 22 Trent Drive is The Tannery –
home to A Winter’s Day Fine Antiques in Campbellford ON.

Antique shops are like icebergs of history floating in time and slowly melting away in the course of commerce and fluxing social appetites. A close friend can’t get enough of the musties and mysteries associated with antques. So he looks for antiques with history which is to say some marks, receipts, or a purchase storyline which he can trace and add his own poetry or chronicles to. Bill insists his literary writings all start with a little chunk of antique history. I have to believe him.

And so I have been acting as discoverer of interesting Antique Spots in the Northumberland Hills area and surrounds for Bill. And like the Devonian fossil beds in the Trent and Moire River basins, Northumberland Hill’s frugal farmers have produced a rich set of Antiquarries throughout the county from Brighton/Belleville to Hastings/Peterborough – just go to Lang Pioneer Village to see the rich vein of local history collected from the Hills and surrounding area.

However, the local antiques have a strong mechanical, automotive and farm implement influence. A good example is found at the Meyersburg Flea Market annd Antiques on highway 30 just south Of Campbellford. Meyersburg’s Market is full of as many antique’s from China as the local fare. But just up Hwy 30 hidden away in Campbellford on the old Tanery right next to the Trent river is a a fine antiques find – A Winter’s Day Antiques. The owner, Paul Maybee, describes it as a shoppe for “Shabby Chic French Country Furniture”. Right away I knew I had hit vintage paydirt. Seen below is the evidence:

  • Garden Pots
  • Wall door
  • Weave Basket
  • Stone Fruit
  • Such a Bloom
  • Cage and Flowers
  • Table and Chair Angles
  • Room
  • In the shades
  • Chair
  • Orchids
  • Cherub Shooter
  • Artist Palette 2
  • Veiling
  • True Romance
  • Light and Shadow
  • Hat for Cover
  • Des fleurs 2
  • Paintings on display
  • Painting
  • Artists Palette
  • Hanging Hat
  • Du Vin
  • Mirror & Cabinet
  • Cabinet and pots
  • Tea Time
  • Plates and Cabinets
  • Rabbits
  • Two Blind Mice
  • Greek Gargoyle
  • Mirror Windows
  • Cherub Silhouette
  • Shutter
  • Entrance Way
  • Button Window
  • Gustav Klimt Gal
  • Window & Shutters
  • Buttoned Window
  • Obelisk
  • Bedstead
  • Mouse meets Toad
  • Green bedstead
  • Splash of colour
  • Bed Fixtures 1
  • Bed Fixtures 2
  • Duck, preening
  • Bloom, artificial
  • Table Setting
  • Plates in Cabinet 1
  • Plates in Cabinet 2
  • Plates & Cabinet
  • Reflections
  • In the Light of Day
  • Ostritch eggs?
  • Cat Curled-up
As further evidence, Bill thanked me most profusely.