Northumberland Hills Winter: Early February

Well after sparing us in December and vacillating in January, Winter delivered its first cold blast and extra bounty of snow in early February.


The day was very chilly and the winds swirled in sneeky fashion – as if crawling around, seeking a way past scarf and toque in order to insinuate a shiver-cold tremor. But a walk up Smith changing-to-Johnson Road  with neighbours Wendy and Sophie provided more than  vigorous exercise and defiant resistance to cold-wind lashings. As well the walk was a revelation of  winter scenery:

  • Branches reaching out
  • Brawn covered in snow
  • Sophie leading the way
  • White linen like layer
  • Beech, like oak, retain their leaves through Winter
  • Down the valley and gulch trail
  • Up out of the woods, exposed to setting sun and brisk winds
  • Last twinkle at sunset
  • Bow-bent
  • Snow mound pierced by wooden needles and vines
  • Last vestiges of Evening Sun

The wind and snow dusted woods whispered and  swayed sibilant sashays  punctuated with cracks of sudden falling snow clusters drenching the branches and undergrowth with dry new coats of snow as we chatted almost oblivious about horse’s colic, dancing with the stars, and the winter prospects.  And almost unbeknownst, the setting Sun tingled and tinged the hillside woods with its own black magic forecast: