The Cultural Prize of Toronto’s Allan Gardens

Toronto Allan Gardens is a very pleasing surprise for first time visitors. It is located between Jarvis and Sherbourne streets running south from  Carleton. The Park is easily accessible by Carelton streetcars or Sherbourne buses.
On entrance to the park what visitors will find is a street block of park space with criss crossing pathways intersecting in the middle at the Garden’s prize – the Palm House Floral Conservatory
The Conservatory has wonderful hours – it is open 365 days of the year from 10AM  to 5PM. It is a haven for rest and recuperation. One can see the current showing in the center, variations in the rooms to the left and right . But on the right, there is second side room filled with desert florals and cacti.
In the central room and the two far side rooms there are benches to sit and read or listen on a mobile to your favorite music -perhaps a Chopin piano interlude or the bayou charms of Creedence Clearwater Revival. 

The Suite of Floral Shows at the Palm House Conservatory

1agdeer 1agxmasfloral

This a tiny sample of what is seen at the Christmas show. Next, comes the Easter show:

1ageaster1 1ageaster2

Every year the lilies bugle the coming of Spring. It is a delightful show. A few months later Summer blooms take center stage followed by a Fall show in September and then Christmas at the beginning of December and lasting to the Epiphany in January of the New Year. Each year, the Allan Gardens horticulturists find new ways to delight visitors  eyes and minds with their innovativet floral presentations.

In sum, Allan Gardens is a town treasure that City Hall is finally beginning to recognize with reports of its planned improvements. Here is hoping “planners” manage to preserve the current charms of this fine Floral Conservatory