Presqu'ile ParkBird and Monarch Butterfly Migrations

Lighthouse at the Tip of the Peninsula

Presqu'ile Park is a peninsula running out into Lake Ontario from Brighton Ontario. It is a jumping off point for birds and butterflies migrating South at the end of summer. Its low beaches and marshes make for a good waystation. But the park is subject to constant & sometimes dramatic changes due to Lake Ontario's stormy weather. Its woods in the Fall are glorious in color.

Monarch Tagging

Presqu'ile is a tagging place for Monarch butterflies before they start their migration south.

Monarch Catching

As might be expected the trick is to catch the Monarch and then place the tag on the lower wing.

Info Center

The Park Infocenter has exhibits showing the Monarch lifecycle and their immense migration trip.

Lecture Tour

The Park has excellent lecture tours that identify the local fauna & flora.

Butterfly Spotting

Here are Admiral and then Viceroy butterflies. The Viceroy is a Monarch mimic because the Monarch is poisonous to many birds.

Wildlife Where's Waldo

Lets play "Where's Waldo the Leopard frog?". Click to see Waldo, the Leopard frog.

Migration Headwind

Continuing strong headwinds from the South delay the bird & butterfly migrations.

Plovers Marking Time

Plovers, just in from the Arctic, mark time for favorable winds.

Canada Geese Circling

Canada Geese do several merry-go round tours of the peninsula too.